The Global Trade Group PLLC was founded in 2013 by senior international trade, government affairs and corporate training professionals, who have decades of experience working in corporations, government agencies, and international non-profit organizations. We are staffed by a core team, and we work closely with consultants globally who assist on specialized projects. In addition, we have strategic partnerships with consulting firms that specialize in Defense and government procurement matters, corporate training and Human Resources, and international development and capacity building.

We take pride in our work, and always strive to offer the highest quality services in the most efficient manner possible. By engaging both legal counsel and consultants, we are able to offer solutions that are cost effective and tailored for each client. 
Melanie A. Frank is the Founder of the Global Trade Group PLLC, and serves as a Senior International Legal Advisor to our clients and partners.
Melanie A. Frank
Washington, D.C.
(202) 368-1867 (direct)

Melanie A. Frank has 20 years of experience working in international trade, corporate compliance, government procurement and international development projects. 
Ms. Frank has served in senior positions in the U.S. government (U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of General Counsel), as Global Ethics and Compliance Counsel at Google Inc., Director of Worldwide Customs at Mattel, Inc., and as counsel to a number of foreign governments, and multi-national industries while working with global law firms in private practice.  In addition, Ms. Frank has served an Adjunct Professor at American University School of Law, where she has taught courses in International Business Transactions, International Trade, and International Dispute Resolution.

As the Founder of The Global Trade Group, PLLC, Ms. Frank works with companies globally to enter new and developing markets, to develop corporate compliance systems, and to navigate the variety of country-specific, often-changing regulatory requirements in each country. In addition, Ms. Frank serves as a senior legal adviser and expert on international development projects with the United Nations and the World Bank, where she works with developing countries to modernize procedures and foster economic growth and investment. With her broad public and private sector experience, Ms. Frank brings a unique and comprehensive understanding of the different perspectives of governments, industry and citizen groups when assisting with matters involving international trade and development.

Steve Casazza serves as a Senior Export Policy Advisor with the Global Trade Group. Mr. Casazza offers tremendous expertise and knowledge in the area of export controls for our clients and partners.
Steven Casazza
Washington, D.C.

Steve Casazza provides GTG clients with advice and guidance on export controls policy and compliance, with a focus on maximizing the exportability of products, and mitigating export control restrictions for dual-use & defense capabilities.

Mr. Casazza has significant experience working with defense, aerospace, and high-tech industries. In this regard, he has led companies in licensing strategy, commodity classifications, defense trade program planning, technology security & foreign disclosure solutions, product exportability, design development, regulatory policy advocacy, and FMS Case facilitation.

Previously, Mr. Casazza served as an Export Policy Analyst with the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports & Cooperation (DASA DE&C), with Export Control Reform management, technology transfer policy development, export license reviews and FMS Case approvals. In addition, Mr. Casazza is a Member of the Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG), and has previously served as both Chair of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation Export Committee, and Guest Lecturer on Export Control Systems at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) 2016 Nuclear Policy Leadership Initiative Program.
Cathleen Szebrat specializes in corporate training, strategic planning, and development of company procedures. Cathleen also assists with complex international trade legal matters.
Cathleen Szebrat
Washington, D.C. | Nice, France

Cathleen Szebrat has extensive experience working in both international trade and corporate human resources matters. In corporate compliance matters, Ms. Szebrat provides corporate training, employee coaching, and organizational planning advice. She also assists companies with development of corporate compliance manuals and procedures. 

In addition, Ms. Szebrat has extensive experience in international trade matters, including management and legal assistance with antidumping and countervailing duty investigations (AD/CVD), 337 investigations, and related Customs matters. 
Jacqueline Gichinga works with our international partners and manages international development and capacity building projects for the Global Trade Group.
Jacqueline (Njoki) Gichinga
Nairobi, Kenya

Jacqueline Gichinga handles complex project management and coordination of technical assistance, partnerships, and donor relations. Ms. Gichinga has extensive experience working with international partner organizations and governments, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN Office on Drugs and Crime, UN Women, and the World Bank Group, including the International Finance Corporation. A key part of her work has included managing, facilitating and driving collaboration between country offices, international organizations, and subject matter experts. Ms. Gichinga also has experience working with community leaders, high-level administrators, and subject-matter experts from a variety of institutions (business, government, academic, associations, and NGOs). As part of this work, Ms. Gichinga helps to facilitate and manage training and capacity building study programs for government delegations.

While working with the International Legal Resource Center (ILRC), an organization jointly run by the American Bar Association and UNDP, Ms. Gichinga supervised more than 250 technical legal assistance projects in over 80 countries on topics related to access to justice, alternative dispute resolution, anti-corruption, judicial reform, gender equality, human rights, legal aid, marginalized groups, natural resource management, parliamentary development, and public administration. She has facilitated 19 legislative assessments (primarily for country offices based in Africa) with teams of experts from around the world. Ms. Gichinga brings this experience, along with her vast network of partners and consultants to The Global Trade Group. 
Chantal Daugnaud specializes in European Public Affairs, and works closely with the World Bank on global public procurement matters. 
Chantal Dagnaud
Paris, France

Chantal Dagnaud specializes in European public affairs, representing the interests of industry groups in the areas of public procurement, telecommunications, energy, food, health, industrial research and bio-technologies. Ms. Dagnaud handles complex public procurement and investment policy matters, and coordinates broad teams of attorneys and consultants as part of research projects for the World Bank and the European Club for Countertrade and Offset (ECCO)). Ms. Dagnaud has worked extensively with ECCO and the World Bank to develop a proposed model law for the treatment of Offsets in global government procurement projects. 

Marnie Russ is a specialist in Government Affairs and government process.

Marnie Russ
Washington, D.C.

Marnie Russ specializes in Government Affairs and funding for international non-profit organizations, and has a keen understanding of municipal funding and structure for purposes of development projects. 

In addition to representing municipal and business clients before the U.S. congress, Ms. Russ has extensive experience working with the international aerospace industry, including representation of major aeronautics corporations before NASA, and coordination among international aeronautics partnerships for development of the International Space Station. 

Ms. Russ is also a Co-Founder of the National Kitten Coalition, which provides training and support for veterinarians and shelters that take in neonatal kittens. 
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